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Beekman REIM founders

Ariel Lahmi


 Chairman & CEO Beekman Reim

Ariel Lahmi is the founder and Chairman of Beekman REIM, an international real estate investment and property management company with offices in New York City, Paris and Chennai. Mr. Lahmi has more than twenty-five years worth of real estate investing and development experience.

Previous to Beekman REIM, Mr. Lahmi successfully founded a portfolio management company with divisions in insurance brokerage, financial investments, banking intermediation, and real estate development. In 1993, through Mr. Lahmi’s portfolio management firm, Mr. Lahmi acquired Cepco, an industrial and real estate company. Eventually, in 1998, Mr. Lahmi transformed Cepco into Concerto Development Group, the first logistics company in France. In 2001, Concerto Development was acquired by Affine REIT, a commercial REIT listed on the NYSE Euronext, of which Mr. Lahmi is a member of the board of Directors and the company’s second largest shareholder.

Mr. Lahmi is a graduate of the University of Paris with a charter in accounting and auditing, and a masters in Finance. He also founded the Chair for Real Estate Management at Netanya University in Israel.

Mr. Lahmi lives in New York City with his wife and family.

Philippe Mangel


CEO Europe Beekman Reim

Mr. Mangel is co-founder of Beekman REIM. He has been in charge of the European team since February 2011.

Mr. Mangel has more than 17 years of experience in the development and management of real estate projects.

After leaving the financial division of AXA Insurance Company (formerly UAP) in 1994, Mr. Mangel successfully founded and managed European Life Insurance, an insurance brokerage company specializing in asset management for institutional clients, as well as Hampstead Consultants, an intermediation company specializing in project development and financing

real estate. In 1998, Mr. Mangel joined Concerto Development as a partner and manager, a leading logistics real estate development company in France. In 2001, Concerto Development has joined forces with Affine, SIIC and a credit institution listed on NYSE Euronext, of which Mr. Mangel was also in charge of the insurance division. Until the end of 2010, Mr. Mangel participated in the development of Concerto Development as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the company, and member of its Executive Committee alongside Affine.

Sonia Ricord


 Vice Executive President

Mrs Ricord is co-founder of Beekman REIM, she has over fourteen years of successful real estate investment leadership experience. Ms. Ricord’s extensive background covers all sectors of real estate including office, retail, industrial, and condo-conversions. Mrs. Ricord’s career started in 2002 at Affine REIT (, she was in charge with organizing the interfacing among the Chairman, investors, and tenants.

In 2005, Ms. Ricord moved to Concerto Development (Paris), a European leader in warehouse development, to take the head of the Project management division. Projects included a 60,000 square meter development for the leader in European furniture “But”, as well as a 12,000 square meter space for L’Oréal. During this period she was in charge of a team of project managers, architects, and contractors and developed more than 150,000 square meters of warehouse in Europe. 

In June 2010, she opened the office of Vision India, a cousin company of Beekman. This company is developing 2,500 affordable apartments for the emergent middle class in Chennai (the 4th most prominent city in India). She managed a team of 40 people including project managers, architects, interior designers, accountants, marketing experts, office salespersons, and a legal department. During this time she developed an expertise in condominium development and management.

In 2012, she returned to France to organize and develop the condominium department of Beekman Reim Europe, under the management of Philippe Mangel. During this time, Beekman Reim 3 buildings in Paris and Neuilly, and Ms. Ricord oversaw the refurbishing of formerly mixed-use properties into condominiums, reaching a total sellout value in excess of € 80,000,000. Her knowledge of the European buyer is a real asset for Beekman Reim. Ms. Ricord has a BA in Real Estate (France) and a Masters in Real Estates from the University of Paris La Sorbonne (France).

Marco A. Botarelli

Marco Botarelli


Mr Botarelli is co-founder of Beekman REIM.  

Landstar Title: he established NYC Office in 2003. He has worked on numerous commercial acquistions and refinances in USA.  His legal Team headed by Kenneth Warner Esq. Firm established 2002 Mineola Long Island by John Burke and Ken Warner Esq. They have five lawyers in House and we represent all the Major Underwriters in America. Ken Warner Esq. brings over 25 years of Title Law knowledge to every transaction. Our goal is to be considered by developers, commercial & residential attorneys, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers as part of there team.  

US Team

Benjamin Klein

Benjamin Klein

Asset Manager

  Mr. Klein has worked at Beekman REIM for over 3 years and specializes in asset management, as well as project design, development, and management. With a keen sense of the development process, Mr. Klein provides pivotal insight into the nuances of construction budgets and timelines. Mr. Klein has a Masters in Real Estate Development from the Schack Institute of Real Estate at NYU. 

Alex Zheutlin


Acquisition Analyst

  Mr. Zheutlin has over 5 years of experience in real estate specifically in New York City. With a Masters in Real Estate Finance & Investment from the Schack Institute of Real Estate, Mr. Zheutlin brings a granular understanding of project financing and investment strategizing. Having worked in the brokerage portion of the real estate industry at Stribling & Associates for two years in the past, he also has a keen sense of market opportunities and overall market dynamics.

Elizabeth Chiafair

Elizabeth Chiafair

Office Manager

 Elizabeth graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in History. After beginning her professional career as an Office Manager at a political consulting firm, she then worked for over ten years as the Director of Operations  at a successful nonprofit organization. In addition to this, she has thrived as a Group Fitness  Instructor in several communities throughout New York City.  

Hamid Farraj


Legal Analyst

Mr. Farraj is a jurist who provides legal analysis for the benefit of all departments of the company. He helps to follow the administrative procedures with the building departments of the cities. He exchanges with the law firms with which our company works. He analyses the contractual clauses with the various suppliers, customers or tenants. Mr. Farraj has a Bachelors in Law from University Paris XI, a Masters in Private Law and Criminal Sciences and a Masters in Public Law and Public Authorities from University Paris X. He is currently a PhD candidate in comparative criminal law. Mr. Farraj was a Criminal Detective investigator and commander of a police station for 26 years in the national French Police Force. In February 2010, after taking his oath of office at the Paris Court of Appeal, he became a Lawyer with the Paris Bar.


Philippe Mangel


CEO Europe Beekman Reim

Joseph Lahmi


Honorary CEO and Chairman

Cindy Domart


Office Manager